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RusBusinessNews: Russia offers new opportunities

Foreign companies have expressed a growing interest in Russia over the past few years. Most are being lured by the new opportunities which, alongside with the high growth rates and the vast natural resources, make Russia's markets very attractive. Large international banks and retail chains, equipment suppliers, mining companies, engineering centers, and research organizations are entering the Russian market. They all stand to benefit from the unlimited range of opportunities for business development in Russia, and they possess a vast field for the application of their experience and potential. RusBusinessNews is here to help you make the right choice and show you the most interesting and promising opportunities.

RusBusinessNews: Prime business environments

Our web pages offer information about the Russian regions with the highest industrial potential, the unique mineral resource base, and modern infrastructure. These regions are the major contributors to the national economy as well as the major exporting regions. These regions offer the most favorable conditions for companies interested in operating in the Russian market, and they provide opportunities for implementing the most ambitious investment projects.

RusBusinessNews: Business Online

In-depth research performed by the RusBusinessNews analysts has involved extensive consultations with and obtained expert advice from the staff of foreign Trade Commissions and Consular Offices in the region. This enabled us to identify the most attractive Russian companies open for cooperation and develop a database of investment projects. Particular attention is being paid to keeping the information current. All entries are regularly updated and published in six languages; we also offer a real-time business news service.
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