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About the Project

RusBusinessNews is an information resource aimed to promote the Russian regions that have high industrial potential and, consequently, are highly appealing to international partners. The regions of the Urals economic zone are amongst the first here.

Each one of them is known for high industrial output levels, rich raw materials base, and a sustainable economic, social, and political situation. At the same time, the regions of the Urals are closely connected to each other in all spheres of activity - production, finance, logistics, information, and, to a considerable extent, in the sphere of public administration.

Ultimately, this is a single economic organism with decades (in certain aspects - centuries) of history. In many respects, the economy of the Urals and Western Siberia can be compared to that of some European states. These Russian regions provide a wealth of opportunities for international business today.

Numerous meetings with representatives of large Russian companies, state authorities, and the staff of consulates and trade missions of the world's leading countries have confirmed the need for an information resource that would be capable of providing international audience with information on the Ural-Siberian region which is as complete as possible.

One of the key principles of RusBusinessNews is to reach the broadest business audience possible:

  • investors interested in finding and evaluating promising investment projects;
  • various commodities, equipment, and technologies suppliers who see Russian regions as a large promising market;
  • companies interested in new suppliers of raw materials, semi-finished products, and industrial products manufactured in Russia;
  • a broad range of international business people working or planning to work in Russia who are interested in getting the information on economy as a whole or on a specific industry in Russian regions, as well as information about the infrastructure and potential partners.

The multi-language support is one of the most important features of this project. RusBusinessNews is one of the very few information resources in Russia supporting six languages - Russian, English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese.

Another unique feature of the project is a comprehensive presentation of information. Each one of the five main sections is, essentially, an independent information product:

  • the international economic activity participants database;
  • the investment projects database;
  • newsfeed, analytical reviews of industries and economies of the regions;
  • regional reference information;
  • reference information on consulates, representation offices, chambers of commerce and industry, foreign companies.

One of the key advantages of the project is that the information is constantly kept up to date. News and analytical materials of the RusBusinessNews Russian Information Agency are updated in real-time in six languages.

The development of this project is not limited to the Internet. At the same time, the emphasis is placed on establishing and maintaining direct contacts between participants of foreign economic activities and representatives of the international business community:

  • organising conferences, seminars, and working meetings;
  • establishing the partnership network that connects active participants of international economic activities, trade missions, and chambers of commerce and industry of various countries.


Discover Russian economic potential with RusBusinessNews!

We will help you find reliable partners and expand your business horizons!



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