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Internationally Renowned European Transport Reporter Visits Shanghai

Internationally Renowned European Transport Reporter Visits Shanghai

01.03.2011 — News


The 11th edition of Busworld Asia is scheduled to take place from March 30th to April 1st in the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. In order to preview the bus and coach models that will be participating in the upcoming Busworld Asia, world famous transport journalist and Asia Coach Week / European Coach Week jury member Mr. Hans Kuipers paid a visit to Shanghai from February 15-20 2011. During his trip, Mr. Kuipers inspected Chinese passenger bus and coach offerings, paying special attention to new market introductions and scientific advances in the new and renewable energy sector. At the same time, Mr. Kuipers hoped to relay the latest news and developments in Chinese research and development with transportation providers and end service users in Holland and across greater Europe.

With a background in freelance reporting for a number of leading European automobile and transport magazines including Car & Bus Magazine,Transporama, Truck & Bus Builder and Auto- & Transportwereld, Hans's itinernary had him traveling on location to Sunwin, Ankai, Zhong Tong, and BLK Bonluck; where he conducted extensive high level interviews. Focusing on ACW Asia Coach Week evaluative criteria: ingenuity, eco-friendliness, safety, and comfort, Mr. Kuipers inspected a variety of Chinese product offerings being introduced acording to Busworld Asia's unique quality assurance criteria. In the process, he shared his vast knowledge of the latest in European standards and market trends with these Chinese busbuilder's upper management.

Busworld Asia press-service informed "RusBusinessNews" that Mr. Kuipers was also charged with collecting evaluative materials and detailed technical specs in prepartion for the ACW evaluation, composing a research report on these key bus builders for the upcoming BW Asia jury panel. At the same time, his onsite observations and reporting will be the basis for a coordinated campaign of media articles and news releases all across the Netherlands, Europe, and the world.

After more than a decade of experience, Busworld Asia is expanding again with a series of promotional and informative industry events. This is already paying dividends leading up to the 11th annual edition of Busworld Asia. To date, pre-registration has already exceeded last year's numbers by 30%, with overseas visitor pre-registration 20% higher for 2011 year on end. Advance registering visitors come from more than 40 different countries and regions, including especially large contingents from public transport service providers and buyers in: Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, India, Iraq, and Australia. Since the launch of Busworld Asia's pre-registration system, host institution BW Asia has already received an avalanche of requests for exhibition information and delegation reception. Visit Busworld Asia 2011 exhibition site today for your free entrance ticket and numerous other giveaway.

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