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RCC considers a "smart" pit implementation

RCC considers a "smart" pit implementation

29.11.2011 — News


Russian Copper Company is considering the possibility of implementing an automated system that would use robotic mining equipment to extract minerals. Experts at Russian Copper Company are examining the options for introducing this type of system at their deposits that are being mined using open-pit methods.

The creation of an automated system using robotic mining equipment to extract minerals is something new in Russia. In these so-called "smart" pits, all the mining work will be fully automated, without the need for human miners. Countries that are leaders in the mining industry already have experience using this production process, particularly Chile and Australia.

RCC's press office told RusBusinessNews that "smart" pit technology is particularly useful in areas that are not easily accessible or that experience severe weather conditions, as the technology makes the work safer and more efficient.

Russian Copper Company very soon plans to introduce a system to automate and control the operations of underground mines, which will not only increase productivity by 10-15%, but will reduce the costs of unscheduled repair work on the equipment in the pit. It will be possible to remotely dispatch loaders to locations that are not easily accessible because a risk of collapse remains even when all the safety requirements are being observed.

Russian Copper Company plans to introduce these new innovations in the Dzhusinsky mine in the Orenburg region, and later in the 50 Years of October mine located in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Russian Copper Company was founded in 2004 and is currently the third largest Russian producer of refined copper in terms of volume. RCC can produce 200,000 tons of copper cathodes and 200,000 tons of copper wire rod per year. The company owns mining, processing, and metallurgical companies in five regions of the Russian Republic and in Kazakhstan.

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