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Perm branch of URALCHEM became award winner in the Russian Quality Program

Perm branch of URALCHEM became award winner in the Russian Quality Program

07.03.2012 — News


Potassium nitrate produced by the Azot Branch of URALCHEM United Chemical Company, OJSC, meets the highest international standards. This conclusion was made by representatives of the All-Russian Organization of Quality and the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The representatives of the company's Press Service have informed RusBusinessNews that the experts rated high the stability of the chemical composition and physical-mechanical properties as well as safety of the product and the quality of its packaging and marking. "In some parameters, potassium nitrate produced by the company outperforms competing products produced by international manufacturers. The product quality meets the highest standards", says the report of the Center for Expert Programs at the All-Russian Organization of Quality. Based on this document, the Azot Branch was nominated among award winners in the Russian Quality Program.

In 2010-2011, Azot implemented the project aimed to improve the product competitive characteristics. The results were 100% friability and purity of potassium nitrate. The product is supplied in flexible containers in 25 kilogram packages. In the previous year, the enterprise shipped more than 10 thousand tons of fertilizers to 10 Russian regions and 18 other countries.

In its operations, Azot uses the integrated business management system. The laboratory information management system will be launched in May 2012.

The Unified Chemical Company URALCHEM, OJSC is one of the largest companies in the market for nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers in Russia and the CIS. Its subsidiaries produce over 2.5 million tons of ammonium nitrate, 2.8 million tons of ammonia, 0.8 million tons of monoammonium and diammonium phosphates, 0.8 million tons of compound fertilizers, and 1.2 million tons of carbamide every year.

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