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URALCHEM marked its eighth birthday

URALCHEM marked its eighth birthday

31.07.2015 — News


UCC URALCHEM, JSC, celebrated its eighth anniversary. Over the years of its operation the Company has achieved impressive results.

Today, URALCHEM is one of the leading producers of nitrogen fertilizers. The Company ranks first among Russian producers in the output of ammonium nitrate and ranks second in the output of gross ammonia and urea. In 2014, the production output reached 5.64 million tons. 

RusBusinessNews has been informed by the Azot Press Service that since its foundation in 2007 the Company has been implementing the strategy aimed at asset consolidation, while increasing the efficiency of business processes, improving the performance and profitability, and reducing operating expenses.

Over the past eight years URALCHEM has tripled its production output, having produced by the end of 2014 5.64 million tons of core products and having set a new record in production of gross ammonia (2.86 million tons).

Having upgraded its production facilities, the Company was able to decrease the natural gas consumption by 8.6% in its ammonia plants (from 1,208 cubic meters per ton to 1,104 cubic meters per ton). Over the eight-year period, the revenue increased 3.8 times, having reached 2.03 billion US dollars in 2014.

URALCHEM’s profitability performance profile proves that the Company holds lead not only among Russian, but also among international companies. Its EBITDA increased from 131 million US dollars in 2007 to 923 million dollars in 2014 when the EBITDA margin reached 46%. The Company reinvests actively its profits – during 2007-2014 the Company invested 830 million US dollars in the development of its production.

"By business standards, 8 years is quite a young age for a company; however, over these years we have made sizeable progress. URALCHEM is a serious player holding leading positions on the market and having excellent production capabilities as well as viable logistics prospects. We are building the efficiently and profitably operating company, and developing new lines of our business. This year, we keep on implementing the company’s new strategy adopted in 2014. The main objective is to reach the maximum output by using the existing facilities, while improving the production performance, energy and resource efficiency," Dmitry Konyayev, General Director of UCC URALCHEM, JSC, pointed out.

It should be noted that the festive events dedicated to the eighth anniversary of URALCHEM brought together more than 300 employees from all the subdivisions of the Company. The guests of the festivities were offered a program, which included motor boat racing along the Moskva River and a gala concert.


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