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Titanium Valley Attracts New Residents

Titanium Valley Attracts New Residents

25.12.2018 — News

2018 has become a game-changing year for Titanium Valley, a special economic zone in the Sverdlovsk Region. Major engineering, transport, and customs infrastructures have been completely constructed.
Titanium Valley is the only specific economic zone (SEZ) in the Urals and Siberia, and one of nine industrial-manufacturing SEZs of Russia.
Based in Verkhnyaya Salda (northern part of the Sverdlovsk Region), manufacturing plants of first residents were put into operation. In August 2018, the Government of the Russian Federation issued a decree on extending the SEZ by means of annexing the territory of the former airport Uktus nearby Ekaterinburg — the place where the first resident, Ural Works of Civil Aviation, started its production activities.

Late December, the Expert Board of Titanium Valley approved projects of three potential residents which are to invest 1.15 billion rubles in establishing the plants. As Artemiy Kyzlasov, the Director of the Specific Economic Zone, told RusBusinessNews, around 150 jobs are to appear in high-tech and demanded industries. Aggregate amount of taxes and mandatory budget payments is to reach 1 billion rubles within 10 years starting from the production launch.
Experts have approved the project proposed by the world’s leading package and disposable tableware manufacturer Huhtamaki (Finland). Huhtamaki Fiber Packaging Ekaterinburg, LLC plans to establish the plant for production of environment-compliant egg packages and cup holders in Verkhnyaya Salda, using processed fiber as a raw material. This is going to be Huhtamaki’s third plant in Russia, with other two located in the SEZ Alabuga (vicinities of Moscow). 
Unimatik, LLC, a Ekaterinburg-based machine engineering company (est. 2000), is to found the import-substituting CNC machine and machine component production plant on the territory of Uktus. The amount of claimed investment comes to 190 million rubles; 68 jobs will appear at the factory that is to start operating in 2020. 
"During recent years, the volume of use of metal-cutting machinery has been growing steadily, gaining, on the average, 20% every year. With that, the rate of reliance on foreign products in this segment remains high (around 90%). Basing in Titanium Valley, we are to start large-unit assembly of CNC milling and lathe machines made by European manufacturers, and produce components for Russian-sourced machines," told Valentin Tolkachyov, Director General of Unimatic, LLC.

The third project is production of seats for air, railway, and automobile transport by Sibeko Seat Systems, LLC. Declared investment amount comes to 120 million rubles; launch is scheduled for 2021.
The Expert Board also approved amendments to the project of Rusmed, LLC (resident since 2017). This three-element syringe and needle manufacturer increased the number of investments from 175.7 million to 517.5 million rubles. Production facilities will be redeployed from Verkhnyaya Salda to the area of Uktus; pilot products are to appear in 2019. 

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