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Foundation Laid for New Bauer Plant in Kurgan

Foundation Laid for New Bauer Plant in Kurgan

20.07.2009 — News


OOO BAUER Maschinen - Kurgan (the joint venture of JSC Kurganstalmost and a German company Bauer) is building a plant in Kurgan. It is planned to complete the foundation works by the end of the third quarter 2009.

The company made a decision to build its own site in October 2008. At the moment OOO BAUER Maschinen - Kurgan is renting the production areas from JSC Kurganstalmost, the assembly of Bauer drilling rigs is developing fast, however.

OOO BAUER Maschinen - Kurgan was established in December 2005. At the moment the company is assembling the product line of four rig models – MBG-12, MBG-24, MC-32, and the new BG-12.

“The experience tells us that drilling rigs are in demand even at the time of crisis, the sales have not dropped this year. We look into the future with optimism: we are building the new plant in order to fulfil the demand for our drilling rigs entirely”, Igor Lukinykh, the Director of OOO BAUER Maschinen - Kurgan, told RusBusinessNews.

JSC Kurganstalmost is the general contractor for the project. Subcontractors, the Tyumen Mostootryad-36 and the Kurgan Mostootryad-82, have already prepared the piled field 42 by 100 metres. On this area there will be a building which will house both the production facilities (two widths of 21 metres 100 metres long) and administrative and household areas. The new plant’s production capacity is 36 drilling rigs per year.

The stable demand for drilling rigs is confirmed by the fact that only in February 2009 four MBG-12 were shipped. Two rigs were shipped to Berkakit (Amur Oblast) for the construction of the Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean oil and gas pipeline. One was shipped to Novy Urengoy, where six rigs from Kurgan are already involved in the development of the Vankor oil and gas field. The fourth MBG-12 was shipped to Tuapse, where an oil transfer terminal is being constructed. 

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