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Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor Eduard Rossel Caused Severe Accident

Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor Eduard Rossel Caused Severe Accident

03.08.2009 — News


Eduard Rossel, the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Oblast, has caused an accident that the regional authorities have been trying to conceal for a week now. On 27 July 2009 Mr Rossel hit a Skoda Octavia with a Mercedes G that he was driving.

As RusBusinessNews has become aware, the Governor, while trying to drive around a pothole, has committed a gross violation - he moved into the oncoming traffic lane. The driver of the Skoda that moved from the opposite direction tried to avoid a head-on collision by trying to keep to the road shoulder. The Mercedes hit the driver's door; the violent shock has turned the Skoda around, whilst the Governor's vehicle has fallen into a roadside combe.

Several ambulances and a resuscitation team have arrived to the crash scene. As witnesses have said, 71-year old Eduard Rossel was carried from the Mercedes on stretchers as he couldn't walk. The 58-year old driver of the Skoda, who got a closed craniocerebral injury, was taken to the neurosurgery department of one of Ekaterinburg's hospitals.

The Sverdlovsk Oblast Government caused the accident three days after the meeting of Russia's Security Council, during which President Dmitry Medvedev stated that the situation on the Russian roads is monstrous. The Sverdlovsk Oblast authorities have kept the information on the severe accident that the Governor has caused as secret as possible. This is primarily caused by the fact that on 23 August, the three candidates for the position of the Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor will be determined.

Eduard Rossel, whose mandate expires in November 2009, claims to become one of the three candidates and struggle for the Governor's position once again. The traffic accident seriously overshadows the reputation of the region's head. In the past few years, none of the Russian governors have caused accidents that would cause injuries to people.

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