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Nationwide Conference NANO-2009 to Take Place in Ekaterinburg

Nationwide Conference NANO-2009 to Take Place in Ekaterinburg

10.04.2009 — News


On 20-24 April 2009 the Institute of Metal Physics of the Urals Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences will host a Nationwide Conference NANO-2009. The conference will gather the leading scientists of the country, representatives of companies - developers of nanomaterials and representatives of the state-owned Corporation Rosnano.

The discussion will focus on different aspects of production and application of nanomaterials, including the areas of technology and medicine, the regional government informed RusBusinessNews. A separate section will be dedicated to the training of human resources for the innovation work.

In February several dozen nanotechnology projects already used in the industry or those ready for the commercial use were presented at the Ekaterinburg Trade Fair of Nanotechnologies. Among the exhibits that sparked the most interest there is a perfect crystal shape nanodiamonds synthesis technology, nanopowders used to make master alloys for the production of aluminium alloys and a nanoparticle-based system for the diagnosis of benign skin diseases.

According to Boris Zyryanov, the Head of the Innovation Technologies Foundation, during the April conference the Urals scientists will present a multicellular processor development project which belongs to a new generation of microprocessor technology. The project is a joint development of the Ural Architectural Laboratory and a the Zelenograd technopark.

"This is a breakthrough technology - Mr. Zyryanov told RusBusinessNews. - Instead of executing just one command at the time the new processor will work with the entire blocks of commands. This will seriously speed up the advancements in microprocessor technology."

The nongovernmental foundation Innovation Technologies represents the interests of the state-owned Corporation Rosnano in the Sverdlovsk Oblast. The foundation seeks new scientific developments and spends own funds to patent these and establish new innovation companies.

Rosnano was established in 2007 by the Russian government to develop the innovation infrastructure in the country. The corporation is headed by the former head of RAO UES of Russia Anatoly Chubais.

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