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Company details

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The Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (management company - UMMC-Holding, LLC)

UMMC's mission is to increase the competitiveness of these national industries through the effective operation of its own businesses, and to also take a responsible attitude to its own employees and community, thereby promoting the fullest realization of human potential and the improvement of the everyday lives of our fellow citizens.

In order to fulfill this mission, the company is actively engaged in the following strategic areas:

  • The company operates with the best interests of the national economy in mind and responsibly partners with government agencies and national and regional authorities.
  • The company extensively renovates and modernizes its existing facilities, optimizes its costs, reduces its expenses, and works to increase its labor productivity.
  • The company ensures the security of its raw-materials base and works to increase the production of more finished products. The company continues to reduce its environment impact and is trying to improve the environmental standards of its manufacturing operations.
  • The company constantly seeks out new areas in which to develop its business.
  • The company is working to become an industry leader in technology and innovation.
  • The company is improving its marketing and sales policies in order to strengthen its positions on the domestic and international markets.
  • The company constantly works to improve the quality of its products, by introducing modern quality-management systems and monitoring its production processes.
  • The company is creating the proper conditions to attract investment, by introducing modern principles of corporate management and corporate culture.
  • Through an effective system of organization and employee motivation and providing a wide range of social benefits, the company is giving its employees the opportunity to develop their professional skills and creative potential to the fullest extent possible.
  • The company responsibly meets its community obligations, which includes helping to solve the social problems of the regions where its businesses are located.

Today UMMC is active far beyond the Urals. The holding company runs businesses and enterprises in more than ten different Russian regions. The company is mindful of its responsibility to assist in the further development of these areas and to improve the social and material welfare of the local residents.

Because the company is frequently the largest employer in the towns and villages where the holding company's businesses are located, the company supports education, science, culture, art, health care, and sports in all of these municipalities. UMMC works to ensure that local businesses in the regions where it operates become the company's local partners, so that our work together can be long term and mutually beneficial. And constructive dialogue and cooperation with local government agencies make joint, regional social programs and projects possible.

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