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General Director Andrey A. Kozitsyn

Full name:The Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (management company - UMMC-Holding, LLC)
Regions:The Urals Federal District
Branch: Mineral resources, Chemistry, petroleum and pharmaceuticals, Metallurgy and metal processing, Engineering
Product categories: Metals and mineral ores, Acids and other non-organic products, Copper, copper alloys and products, Metallurgical equipment
Type of ownership:lTD
Year of incorporation:1999
Number of employees:85000
CEO:General Director Andrey A. Kozitsyn
Address:1, Lenin Str., Verkhnaya Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region, 624091
Telephones:+7 (343) 372-85-70
+7 (34368) 4-77-77
Fax No.:+7 (343) 378-78-28, (34368) 4-60-51
Web site:
Member profile:

UMMC encompasses almost fifty different companies, all in different industries and located in various regions of Russia. With several billion dollars in annual sales, UMMC is one of the largest vertically integrated companies in the country.

The holding company's key assets are concentrated in the mining, ferrous-metallurgy, and machine-building industries. The company's operations are based on a closed process chain to produce copper: from mining the raw materials to creating finished products (copper rods, rolled copper, cabling and wiring products, and radiators). In addition to copper, UMMC maintains a solid market presence in zinc, lead, and precious and rare metals. UMMC-Holding, LLC manages UMMC's key assets.

Currently, the UMMC parent company encompasses various independent and high-performance businesses specializing in steel, construction, development, and agriculture. Subholding companies are being created within UMMC in these areas that are so important for the company's development. For example, UMMC-Steel, LLC was established to manage the company's assets in the steel industry, and UMMC-Agro, LLC to direct the company's agricultural work. UMMC-OCM, LLC administers the businesses that process non-ferrous metals. The development of the company's construction business is led simultaneously by several subsidiary companies.

The company has designed strategic development programs to plan its operations from now until the year 2015 in its steel and processing facilities, and another plan for its mining operations that is in effect until 2020. Modern manufacturing, advanced technology, effective management, and highly qualified employees all allow UMMC's companies to continue their steady pace of work, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the national economy as a whole.

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