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Consulate General of France

French Economic Mission in Russia

The French Economic Mission in Russia is one of the foreign offices of the Ministry of Economics, Finance, and Employment and is a part of the government network supporting operations of the French companies in the international markets. It consists of 156 Economic Missions in 113 countries.

External Economic Relations Directorate (DREE) and its foreign offices work in close cooperation with their partners - UBIFRANCE, (French Agency for International Business Development), French Export Credit Insurance Company (COFACE), French Association of Foreign Trade Advisers, the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry abroad, the International Department of the Movement of French Entrepreneurs (MEDEF), the trade unions, etc.

The French Economic Mission in Russia established as a result of merger of the foreign offices of the External Economic Relations Directorate and the State Finance Administration offers the following services:

     For companies:

  • information about the market, the economic and legal environment, the statutory requirements, and conditions for entering the market.
  • advising on the issues of entering the market (searching for partners, adapting products for the specific market requirements, etc.)
  • information on the availability of financial backing from the government funds for the support of foreign trade operations of French companies, as well as the availability of support from similar European agencies.
  • promotion of French goods and technologies in the national market.
  • protection of commercial interests of French companies when dealing with local authorities.

     For French Government Agencies:

  • ongoing monitoring of the macroeconomic climate, the financial situation, and bilateral economic relations.
  • managing the bilateral economic cooperation.
  • monitoring international negotiations on commercial issues.

The Consul General - Mr. Michel Baran

Address: Russian Federation, 620075, Ekaterinburg, ul. Karla Liebknechta, d. 22, of. 401
Telephone: +7 343 253 00 85
Fax: +7 343 253 00 70
Web site:


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