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Certification of products in the RF

- We plan to sell heating equipment to the Ural region. Does this require additional certification of this equipment in Russia? (G.Gras, Germany) 

The full list of equipment requiring mandatory certification is given in the Regulation of the RF Government "On Approving the List of Goods, Works, and Services Subject to Mandatory Certification" dated August 13, 1997 № 1013. Heating equipment and instruments are explicitly listed in the document. It is prohibited to import this equipment into Russia and to sale it in the Russian market without the relevant quality certificate.

The certification of equipment can be carried out in independent Russian certification centres which perform the necessary testing and exercise their expert judgement to assess the compliance of the equipment in question with the statutory norms and standards. An official Compliance Certificate "GOST R", may be issued only by the certification centres accredited by Gosstandard RF (the Governmental Standards Organisation of the Russian Federation).

In order to obtain certification for imported equipment it is necessary to submit the following documents:

  • Operation manual;
  • Equipment passport (if available);
  • International standard certificate (a copy);
  • The letter confirming the authority (Power of Attorney) from the manufacturer in favour of the supplier, or a copy of the procurement contract.

All documents must be submitted in Russian. It is mandatory that the translation is officially verified. Certification of certain types of equipment requires additional official documents: hygienic certificate (sanitary-epidemiological conclusion certificate), fire safety certificate, etc.

In order for the equipment to be tested and certified in a certification centres it has to be fully assembled and properly set up. Subject to the Head of the customs office permission such equipment may be given a conditional release from the temporary storage in the customs warehouse in order to be made available for certification.

Many people engaged in foreign trade believe this certification process to be a significant barrier for both import and export of goods. However this would not be a problem as, contacted in advance, a customs broker would be able to provide full information about certification requirements for the equipment being imported, as well as the additional costs involved and the time frame needed for the process. It would be best to enquire about the certification in your country’s Consulate in Ekaterinburg.


The answers to your questions were provided by the RusBusinessNews legal department jointly with Maxim Stepanov, the Director General of the consulting company OOO Nalogi i Pravo (Taxes and Law) (e-mail: 


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