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Chelyabinsk is the administrative centre of the Chelyabinsk Oblast.It is a large industrial centre of metallurgy, machine building and metalworking, instrument engineering, light and food industry. The city is a major transportation and logistics hub on the Trans-Siberian railway line.
Population: 1.1 million people.


Historical reference

The city was founded in 1736. Until the end of the XIX century Chelyabinsk was a small provincial town. The Trans-Siberian railway changed the situation in 1892. Chelyabinsk has been an important transportation and commercial centre ever since.
Many plants and factories were built in the city during the industrialization periods of the 1930-s and the World War II.


30_mosharov_03  Mayor Stanislav Mosharov



The economy of Chelyabinsk is dominated by the heavy industry sector represented by an integrated steel combine, an electric metallurgy combine, a zinc plant and a pipe rolling plant, as well as the heavy engineering giants - a tractor plant, an automation mechanical plant, a forge-and-press plant, and a road-building machines plant.
Other sectors significant for both regional and national economy are represented by the radio-electronics and instrumentation technology plants, as well as light and food industry companies.

Chelyabinsk is an important transportation hub: the city is located at the crossing of roads and railways connecting Siberia with the European part of Russia and the Urals with Kazakhstan. The headquarters of the South Ural railway are located in Chelyabinsk.
Flights are served by Balandino airport that acquired the international terminal status in 1994.

The city has a broad range of shopping and entertainment centres. There are more than 40 hotels in Chelyabinsk today.




Culture & Education

Chelyabinsk is a city of many theatres. The public is offered a great variety of options, including the N. Orlov Drama Theatre, the Tsvilling Academic Drama Theatre, the State Academic Opera House, the State Chamber Drama Theatre, the State Regional Puppet Theatre, the State Youth Theatre, the Mannequin theatre, and the New Arts Theatre.
the city also has a philharmonic hall, the Oblast local lore museum, a hall for chamber and organ music, and a circus.
Chelyabinsk has a strong hockey playing tradition. The two leading teams are Tractor and Mechel.

Chelyabinsk is rightfully considered an important research and academic centre of Russia. It has two state universities - the South Ural and the Chelyabinsk Universities, as well as a humanities college, an academy for arts and culture, the Tchaikovsky Music College, an agro-engineering university, a medical academy, a pedagogical university, a law university, a university of railway transport, the Ural State University of Physical Culture, a branch of the Ural Academy of Public Administration, a law college of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RF, and others. In addition there are military higher education establishments in the city - an air force navigation college, and an automotive college.



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