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Information for investors

Since 2007, Ugra has had a law "On the State Support for the Preparation and Implementation of Priority Investment Projects for 2007-2011". Its aim is to create favourable conditions for Russian and foreign companies which have already been implementing or planning the implementation of priority investment projects in the Okrug. Investors of several projects are guaranteed to receive budgetary subsidies to conduct feasibility studies, develop business plans, and prepare infrastructure for their sites. Subsidizing interest on their borrowing is also possible.
At the moment, 211 ventures with foreign capital operate in Ugra, including the representative offices and branches of foreign companies. British companies - BP, American companies - ConocoPhillips, Occidental Petroleum, Marathon Oil Corporation are among them. In 2007, the economy of the Okrug received $152.7 million of foreign investment.


 Gerhard Schroeder, ex-chancellor of Germany, visits Ugra.hmao_schroeder


The main priority for the economic development of the Okrug for the ensuing years will remain in the oil and gas producing sector. However, the Okrug Administration attempts to expand the raw-material economy and develop other industries. The Okrug adopted another law - "On the support for investment activities". The following are priority guidelines for the state support:

  • Oil and gas chemistry, oil and gas processing;
  • Exploitation of small fields and low flow rate oil wells;
  • Geology and exploration survey;
  • Production and processing of minerals on the Eastern slope of the Circumpolar Urals;
  • Logging, timber processing, and paper-and-pulp industries;
  • Residential and industrial construction, construction industry;
  • Education and public health;
  • Transport and communication;
  • High tech industry.

Expert RA, a Russian rating agency, has confirmed the regional investment rating for the beginning of 2009 at 2В, medium potential - moderate risk.



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