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Shadrinsk is the second largest town - in terms of population and industrial output - of the Kurgan Oblast which is a part of the Urals Federal District.

The town is located on the river Iset, a tributary of Tobol.
Population: 76 thousand people.


Historical reference

Shadrinsk was founded in the XVII century when the Russian path breakers began to open up new lands in Siberia and the Far East. Peasants from the northern and central regions of Russia populated the territory protected by the walls of the Shadrinsk fortress.
Construction of the Shadrinsk Sloboda (burg) began in 1662; a quarter of a century later it had grown to become the largest town in Western Siberia.
From the second half of XVII century and through XVIII and XIX centuries, Shadrinsk had been the administrative centre of the Iset region.


 Shadrinsk_Kokorin Mayor Alexei Kokorin



During the second half of 1941, one of the largest production shops of the Moscow Likhachev Automobile Plant (ZIL) was evacuated to Shadrinsk.  After the relocation the facility was given a new name- the Stalin Automobile Plant (ZIS) - that later on became the Shadrinsk Automobile Components Plant (ShAAZ). Today this company - central to the town’s economy - is a member of the UMMC mining and metallurgy holding.

Other large manufacturing companies of this town are the following - a dairy products canning plant, a telephone factory, a precast concrete factory, GazInstroyDetal, Technokeramika, and an electrode plant.
In November 2008 the town participated in the Nationwide Investment Forum “Municipal Russia” and attracted a lot of interest from both Russian and foreign investors. Currently the town authorities are drafting the documentation required for the allocation of the land plots offered for investments.  Investors from France were particularly interested in the development of hotel business and hunting tourism.




Culture and Education

The Shadrinsk State Pedagogical Institute is well known in the Urals region. Higher education is also offered by a branch of the Tyumen State University and a number of other Russian higher education establishments.
The town has a state drama theatre, a local lore museum, the Athletics Centre “Olympus”, the Shadrinsk Automobile Components Plant Community Centre, the Sports Centre “Yermak”, and a children’s arts and crafts centre.



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