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Mining and metallurgic companies are major contributors to the industrial output of the Sverdlovsk Oblast. More than 30% of the products of mining and metallurgic complex is exported.




Sverdlovsk Oblast companies have monopolies in the production of 50 types of industrial products in Russia; 10 of these are manufactured exclusively by the these companies.

The leaders in metallurgy are pipe production, sheet and profiled rolled metal, railway rails, and wire products. This has been possible due to highly developed arc-furnace, copper, and aluminium complexes. The state of the art world class production, of aluminium sheets and slabs for aircraft equipment and new space programs is developed in the region; this is the only such development in Russia. The "Titanium Valley" international project is being implemented here.
The only Russian transformer steel plant operates on the territory of the Oblast.



The Sverdlovsk Oblast tube manufacturers produce a broad range of tubes.


Свердловская область. Трубная продукция


The copper complex produces 45% of Russian refined copper; the complete production cycle is here, from ore extraction to product manufacturing.

For decades machine building has been amongst the key industries of the Oblast economy. Companies manufacture a wide range of products: trucks, railway cars, diggers, forge and press equipment, power transformers, diesels engines and diesel power generators, steam and gas turbines, large electric equipment, oilfield and drilling equipment, and electric motors.
Production of medical equipment is becoming a new priority.


Свердловская область. Шагающий экскаватор

In Russia walking excavators are produced by the Uralmash Machine Building Corporation.



Power engineering is represented by a number of high-capacity power plants and natural gas and coal-fired heat power stations (HPS). The Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Station operating in the region is being modernized.

The Sverdlovsk Oblast is among the top ten ranking regions of the country in terms of production potential of the timber complex. Companies of this sector specialize in the production of plywood, paper, cardboard, chip- and fibreboards, and other timber processing products. The Oblast is the 6th largest producer of sawn timber in the Russian Federation. The first in Russia timber processing and Oriented Standard Board (OSB) house building plant is planned to be established on the territory of the Sverdlovsk Oblast.

The growth in the housing construction gave a powerful momentum to the development and modernization of the construction materials industry. Here we find production of mineral heat insulating materials, new types of roofing and water-proof materials, gypsum-based decoration materials, large-size ceramic tiles, porous concrete products, and other materials. 40% of all goods produced is sold to other RF regions.



There is a lot of residential development and the construction of business infrastructure facilities.

Свердловская область. Строительство


Agricultural complex and food industry are oriented to provide for the internal needs of the region. Poultry breeding is a priority area of the Oblast agriculture. The industry accounts for 13% of the production of poultry meat in Russia. Food industry (dairy and meet products) ranks 5-6th in the country in terms of production volumes.


International economic activities

Internationally, the Sverdlovsk Oblast today cooperates with 129 countries of the CIS, Europe, Asia, America, and Africa. There are about 20 official diplomatic representations working in Ekaterinburg. In the January to November period of 2008 the foreign trade turnover of the Oblast exceeded 13 billion US dollars which is 24.3% higher than the same period of 2007. Exports accounted for 9.3 billion US dollars. The CIS countries, Germany, China, and Austria are among the ten most important trade partners of the Sverdlovsk Oblast.



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