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The 2008 gross regional product amounted to 483.9 billion roubles.

Oil and gas companies are the major contributors to the industrial output of the Krai. Annual oil production volumes exceed 10 million tons, gas - 898 million cubic metres. Almost 40% of oil produced in the region is exported.




The chemicals companies specialize mainly in the production of potassium and nitrogen fertilizers. The Perm Krai takes leading positions in Russia in this sphere. The Krai's chemicals companies also produce methanol and methanol derivatives, ammonia and nitrogen fertilizers, unique halons and fluoropolymers, flocculants and active carbons.


 The Uralkali company has produced more than 5 million tons of potassium fertilisers in 2007. 4.6 million of this was made for export.perm_uralkali


For decades machine building has been amongst the key industries of the Krai's economy. The Perm Krai takes leading positions in the production of aviation and rocket engines, fuel equipment, gas-compression equipment and gas turbine power plants, oilfield equipment, equipment for digital and fibre optic transmission systems, and navigation equipment.

The Krai's timber industry takes one of the leading places in terms of felling as well as processing in Russia. Companies of this sector specialize in the production of cellulose, cardboard, processed timber, plywood, chip- and fibreboards, and other timber processing products. The region takes second place in Russia in paper production.


perm_cbkThe Perm Pulp and Paper Combine is one of the largest paper and cardboard manufacturers in Russia. 


Metallurgy is represented by companies producing and processing ferrous, nonferrous, and rare-earth metals, and powder metallurgy companies. The only company producing titanium foam in Russia is here in the Perm Krai. A half of the Russian magnesium is produced by the Perm Krai's companies.

Electric power industry. The Krai's electricity needs are provided for entirely by the power generated within the Krai. More than 18% of the power generated is exported to other Russian regions.


 Volumes of construction grow in the Perm Krai every year. 836 thousand square metres of housing has been built in 2008.perm_building


The Krai's agricultural industry complex includes almost 3000 companies and farms. Both livestock farming and crop production are well developed here. Food and processing industries are represented by 25 large enterprises.


International economic activities

More than a hundred countries have trade relations with the Perm Krai. In 2008 the foreign trade turnover amounted to 7.7 billion US dollars which includes 6.9 billion dollars of exports.
The ten most significant international trade partners of the Krai are Brazil, Belgium, Germany, India, China, Poland, USA, Finland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine; these countries' share in the international trade turnover of the Krai is 65.5%.



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