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Banking sector

The high economic growth indicators of the Krai and the low competition make Perm attractive for Russian as well as large international banks. 75 banks are working in the Perm Krai today.



The hotel business in the Perm Krai is developing rather actively. More than 50 hotels provide their services to the guests of the region; many of these hotels have been certified in accordance with international standards. Over a number of recent years International hotel chains have been showing interest in the promising Perm market. For instance a hotel of the Hilton chain opened here in 2008.


 The Perm Krai hotel business is not lacking attention of investors. Over the recent years new hotels are being actively designed and constructed.perm_hotel



The location of the Perm Krai creates unique conditions for the development of transport infrastructure and logistics. Here we have the main routes connecting the industrial and oil producing centres of the Urals and Siberia with the central Russia and the Eastern Europe.

The Trans-Siberian railway crossing the entire country from St. Petersburg to the Far East, the largest gas and oil pipelines delivering fuel to European countries, and important highway routes go through the Perm Krai. Scheduled flight connections to airports in Russia, Europe, some countries in the Middle and the Far East are operated from Bolshoye Savino (Perm) international airport.

The river Kama flowing through the Krai's territory is an important part of the integrated deep water navigation network of the European part of Russia which further connects the region to the water-ways of the European countries. The region has well developed river navigation and port systems. Freight from Prikamye (lands near the river Kama) can be shipped to ports of the Baltic Sea, the White Sea, the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov, and the Caspian Sea, as well as to the river ports of the Pan-European water transport ring.


perm_kama_riverThe Perm Krai is located almost entirely within the catchment basin of the river Kama, the largest Volga's tributary. River navigation is one of the promising spheres in the development of the regional transport infrastructure. 


Investors see a big future in the development of warehousing facilities. The total size of specialized warehouses in Perm today amounts to almost 250 thousand square metres. The potential of the Perm warehousing real estate marked to the year 2010 is estimated to 500 - 600 thousand square metres of stores of all types. The construction volumes of the class "A" warehousing facilities in 2008 amounted to 3,000 square metres, of the class "B" - 4,700 square metres.



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