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The main contribution into the industrial output of YaNAO is made by gas companies. The main share of gas is produced by branches of ОАО "GAZPROM" that produced over 499 billion cubic metres of natural gas in 2008. So far, the rates and volumes of hydrocarbon material resource base exploration in YaNAO are the highest amongst other Russian regions and the CIS countries. There is every reason for further growth. In 2008, almost 571 billion cubic metres of natural gas and 42.4 million tons of oil were produced.


 Yamal produces over 91% of all natural gas in Russia (23.7% of world production) and over 14% of Russian oil and gas condensate. The Okrug produces a total of more than 54% of primary energy resources in Russia. Furthermore, the larger part of the region's natural resources is still waiting to be commercially developed.yamal_oil


At the moment, the estimated reserves of gas in Yamal gas production zone are over 11 trillion cubic metres (total resources of gas are over 55 trillion cubic metres; oil - about 4 billion tons; condensed gas - 2.7 billion tons).

The Priyamalski shelf of the Kara sea is very promising in terms of gas and liquid hydrocarbons production. It contains sea gas condensate deposits - Rusanovskoe and Leningradskoe - which are unique in terms of reserves. Two coastal deposits - Harasaveyskoe and Kruzenshternskoe - have also been identified. The development plans for other gas fields of the Yamal peninsula have been completed. In the long term, the adjoining shelf of the Kara sea, the Gulf of Ob, and the Taz Bay can ensure steady production for decades to come.

Quite promising is the creation of a new mining industry centre in the Polar Urals that would provide raw materials for metal processing industry to the neighbour regions. By now, the exploitation of the richest deposits of chromium, manganese, bauxites, and gold has already begun. According to expert estimates, the total value of mining materials reserves is roughly $220 billion.

For the last several years the annual increase of Gross Regional Product (GRP) in absolute figures has been 100 billion rubles. In 2007, the GRP of Yamal was 647.3 billion rubles. The share of the Okrug of Russian GRP is 2.4%.

Agroindustrial complex of YaNAO ensures the employment for the indigenous peoples of the North. The region has well-developed reindeer breeding, animal breeding, fishing, hunting and trapping, meat, fish, and fur processing. In 2008, the Yamal businesses produced 10,348 tons of fish products.


A herd of domestic reindeer in Yamal has over 600,000 heads. 


In spring 2008, the first batch - 50 tons of venison - was shipped to Germany. This is an entirely new type of Russian export and virtually the first attempt of Russian producers to penetrate the markets of Western Europe with such products.



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