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Banking sector

32 banks operate in the Okrug. The leading ones are Gazprombank, Zapsibcombank, Sberbank, and The Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk.



There are 62 hotels in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The most comfortable hotel facility - The Yamalski in Salekhard - has been rated 4*.


 Owing to the growth of tourism, the development of hotel infrastructure in Yamal looks promising.yamal_hotel



The transport network configuration and the interaction of various means of transport have been determined by the established links between the oil and gas companies.
The railways play the leading role in terms of volumes of cargo ; road and river transport rank second and third, respectively.
However, taking into account the geographical position of Yamal and its area, the role of air transport cannot be overestimated. At the moment, the region has 5 airports with hard manmade surfacing (Nadym, Novy Urengoi, Salekhard, Noyabrsk, and departmental airport of Yamburg) and 4 airports with earth surfacing. Several settlements have helipads.
The Okrug airports offer regular flights to the airports of Moscow, Tyumen, Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, and several other Russian cities.


The Salekhard airport. 


The Novy Port (new port) settlement, located on the coast of the Gulf of Ob, serves as a river-to-sea transport terminal. The main volumes of cargo are transported with the use of the river fleet on navigable rivers - Ob, Nadym, Pur, and Taz. Main river ports operate in the towns of Salekhard, Labytnangi and Nadym.



In 2008, more than 225,000 square metres of housing were built in YaNAO. There are many business centres, buildings of culture, and shopping centres developed in the Okrug currently at a fast pace.


Consumer market

The 2008 YaNAO retail trade turnover exceeded 100 billion roubles.


International economic activities

In 2008, the foreign trade turnover of YaNAO amounted to $607 million, which is a 1.7 times increase in comparison to the previous year. The imports accounted for 89.4% ($543 million).
This region traditionally imports equipment, machinery, and tools that facilitate the operation of oil and gas producing companies. About 85% of goods imported into Yamal came from China.
The main exports of the Okrug are the following: mineral fuels, oil, and products of oil refining, most of which was shipped to Poland.
The figures of the foreign trade turnover of YaNAO do not include oil and gas transported across the Russian customs border through pipelines.



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