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Chaikovsky is one of the youngest towns of the Kama region. It is a large modern administrative, economic, cultural, and educational centre in the south of the Perm Krai.
The most dynamically developing sectors of economy are the gas and the power engineering industries.
Population: 83 thousand people.


Historical reference

The town's history goes back to the post-war development years. The rapid growth of the economy in the Urals demanded new energy resources. In 1954 a group of engineers and construction workers came to the banks of Kama and laid the foundations of the Votkinsk Hydroelectric Power Plant and a future town that would later be granted the name of a great composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.


 andriiv_01 Mayor Igor Andryiv 



Over 20 large companies and more than 1,500 SME's operate in Chaikovsky.
The availability of energy resources was a favourable factor for the construction of a synthetic rubber factory and a precision engineering plant in this town. The local man made fibre and textile plant is one of the largest in Russia.

Oil was discovered here in 1957; there is commercial oil production in the region today. Brick clay deposits prompted the construction of a brick factory. Its current annual production volume is more than 14 million units of eight different types.
Chaikovsky has one of the easternmost deep-water river ports of the integrated deep water navigation system of the European part of Russia. Both freight and passenger services run from the river port.
The highway that links the Perm Krai with the western regions of Russia runs through this town. Also Chaikovsky has the railway connection to the trunk line Ekaterinburg - Kazan.
The town's airport services the local Chaikovsky - Perm airline.




Culture and Education

While being quite a young town, Chaikovsky has already become a large cultural centre that boasts a well developed education system.
Thousands of students study in the Chaikovsky State Institute of Physical Culture and branches of the Izhevsk State Technical University, the Perm State Technical University, and the Perm State Pedagogical University. Skiing and biathlon facilities of the Institute of Physical Culture serve as the venue for major nationwide and international competitions.

The Local Lore Museum founded in 1963 is one of the first and the largest cultural facilities. In 1970, an art gallery was opened. It exhibits the works by Aivazovsky, Tropinin, Braz, Shishkin, Shirokov, and Tumbasov.
The town of Chaikovsky is very pleasing to the eye. Three sides of this comfortable green town are washed by the waters of the Votkinsk reservoir and the Saigatskiy bay. The pine forest on the shores of the bay hosts the health resorts of town's companies. Chaikovsky is often referred to as a gem of the Kama region. Tourists cruising the Kama and the Volga rivers are always delighted to stop and spend some time in this town.


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