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Executive power

A Governor is the highest ranking official in the Tyumen Oblast. Vladimir Vladimirovich Yakushev has been the Oblast Governor since 24 November 2005.

  • Born 14 June 1968.
  • Education: 1993 - the Tyumen State University. 1997 - the Tyumen State University. Jurisprudent, financier. Ph.D. in Economics.
  • 1993 - 1998 - jurisconsult, acting Director and Director of the Yamal-Nenets branch of the Zapsibcombank, Vice-President of the bank and the Director of the Salekhard branch, First Vice-President, President of the OAO Zapsibcombank.
  • 2001 - the Vice-Governor of the Tyumen Oblast. 
  • April - November 2005 - the Head of the Tyumen City Administration
  • From 2005 - the Governor of the Tyumen Oblast.

The members of the government:

First deputy governor - Natalya Shevchik
Deputy governor and head of the Agro-Industrial Complex - Vladimir Cheymetov
Deputy Governor - Sergei Degtyar
Deputy governor and director of the Department of Finance - Tatyana Krupina
Deputy governor - Oleg Zaruba
Deputy regional governor and the governor's chief of staff - Tatyana Kostareva
Deputy governor and director of the Department of Social Development - Olga Kuznechevskikh
Deputy governor - Evgeny Zabolotny
Deputy governor - Vladimir Mazur
Director of the Department of Property Relations - Evgeny Nesvat
Director of the Department of Investment Policy and State Support of Entrepreneurship - Vadim Shumkov

The Department of Education and Science is headed by Aleksei Raider, the Department of Economics by Marina Kuznetsova, the Department of Labor and Employment - Sergei Kabanov, the Department of Public Health - Andrei Kudryakov, the Department of Culture - Evgeny Neginsky, and the Committee on Ethnic Affairs - Evgeny Vorobyev.

Legislative power

The Oblast Duma is the body of legislative power (32 deputies).
The Oblast Duma Chairman - Sergey Korepanov.

  The address of the Government
 Russian Federation, 625004, Tyumen Oblast, Tyumen, ulitsa Volodarskogo, 45 
 Telephone: + 7 3452 46 91 09
 Fax: + 7 3452 46 86 30

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