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Financial sector

In terms of being saturated with banking institutions and the main indicators of their work the Tyumen Oblast is amongst the five best developed areas in Russia. There are more than 40 credit organisations and 160 branches registered in the region.
The banking industry of the Oblast is relatively stable. Regional commercial banks dominate in terms of the total operations volumes in the general structure of the industry in the Oblast. Also there are foreign banks and banks with foreign capital, for instance Raiffeisen Bank Austria. Banque Societe Generale Vostok is planning to open a representative office here.



More than 50 hotels cater for the Oblast's visitors; many of these hotels conform to the European service standards. Foreign developers show interest in the construction of hotels in the capital of the Tyumen Oblast. Radisson SAS is building a hotel here at the moment. There are plans for the construction of a multifunctional high class complex Atlantis House. For the nearest future in the Tyumen Oblast there are plans for the implementation of the whole range of investment projects concerned with the development of the hotel and resort business. There are plans for the construction of small hotels and motels in the municipalities of the Oblast and along the highways to offer services to the transit traffic.


tyumen_obl_tradecenterFor many years Tyumen has remained the centre of trade in Western Siberia. 



The Tyumen Oblast has a strategically advantageous location and serves as a connecting link between the western and the eastern parts of Russia, the oil and gas North and the Industrial Urals. The Trans-Siberian Railway and highways of the nationwide significance go through the territory of the Oblast; these connect Tyumen with Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Kurgan, and Khanty-Mansiysk.
The region has an international airport - Roschino (Tyumen); there are large river ports here - Tyumen and Tobolsk.



The total construction spending amounted to 77.7 billion roubles in 2008 in the Oblast as a whole. A theatre sitting 795 spectators, general education establishments for 1525 students have been commissioned. There has been built 27.4 thousand square metres of retail premises. New companies producing bakery and full fat dairy products, sawn timber, and joinery products have begun operating. There has been built 128 kilometres of gas supply pipeline networks, 43 kilometres of hard surface roads, 7 bridges and many other things.
The housing construction has been carried out at an accelerated rate. In 2008 organisations of all forms of ownership and individual developers built 14,700 flats with the total area of 1092 thousand square metres which is 16.2% more than the same figure for 2007.


  Rapid real estate development makes a significant contribution to the change in the Tyumen Oblast infrastructure.tyumen_obl_building



The development of the economy of the region promotes the growth in offers of all the modern communication services. Internet, terrestrial radio channels with mobile entities including cellular communications are acquiring particular importance. Automatic telephone connections are established with all Russian regions and with many foreign countries.
The entire population of the Tyumen Oblast can receive television broadcasts, there is the reception of terrestrial and satellite television, there are FM radio stations.
The total value of the communication services amounted to 12,280 million roubles in 2008.


Consumer market

In 2008 the retail sales amounted to 164.5 billion roubles which is 21.4% higher, in comparable prices, than in 2007. Large international outlet chains - Metro Cash & Carry, and others - opened their stores on the territory of the Tyumen Oblast.



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