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Information for investors

The Tyumen Oblast is amongst the regions with the highest levels of the investment activity. In 2008 companies of the region have seen a steady growth of capital investments which amounted to 134237.4 million roubles. The highest amounts of investments are made into the production sector, transport, and communications. The larger part of the foreign investment was taken by retail, processing, and the fuel industry.
By the end of 2008 there were more than 100 Russian companies with foreign capital; these employed almost 20,000 people. The majority of these were employed by the production sector, construction, retail, and catering.
Companies from 35 different foreign countries are involved in joint ventures. The leading positions are taken by Cyprus, USA, Germany, Great Britain, and Italy. Ukraine and Uzbekistan are the most important partners from the CIS.

To achieve the effective development of the regional economy the Oblast Government has drawn up the Tyumen Oblast Development Strategy for the Period until 2020.
Moreover, today there are strategies for the development of the whole range of industries drafted with the participation of foreign companies:

  • the Strategy and Plan for the Development of the Tyumen Oblast Timber industry - Poyry Forest Industry Consulting Oy (Finland);
  • the Strategy for the Investment Development of Transport and Logistics of the Tyumen Oblast - ZAO AK ROST - TransCare (Germany);
  • the Strategy for the Investment Development of the Construction Complex of the Tyumen Oblast until 2020 - ZAO AK ROST - EAIB (Germany);
  • the Strategy for the Investment Development of the Food Industry, Agriculture, and Fishing until 2020 - OOO UK RASTAM - IAK Agrar Consulting (Germany);
  • the Strategy for the Investment Development of the Light Industry of the Tyumen Oblast until 2020 - OOO Redl & Partners (Germany);
  • the Strategy for the Investment Development of the Machine Building Complex of the Tyumen Oblast until 2020 - ZAO KK PRAFISH;
  • the Concept for the Development of the Real Estate Market of the Tyumen Oblast.

There has been the whole range of projects and proposals prepared within the framework of these strategies; these are passed onto specialized investors for the implementation on the infrastructural sites of the Tyumen Oblast.


  Working visit of the RF President Dmitry Medvedev to the Tyumen Oblast.tumen_obl_prezident


The Oblast has established the foundations for the legal, infrastructural, and information base for the attraction of investments, there has been developed a mechanism of guarantees for the protection of investors' rights. An Oblast Law "On State Support of the Investment Activities in the Tyumen Oblast" has been adopted in 2003.
In accordance with this law the following forms of support for the investment project holders have been specified:

  • tax concessions provided in accordance to the procedure stipulated in the Federal and the Oblast legislation;
  • state financed loans and investment tax loans;
  • subsidies and subventions;
  • state financed investments of the Oblast budget resources;
  • providing the assistance in the procedure of the provision of land plots and other items of real estate owned by the Oblast;
  • the Oblast Government guarantees.

The Expert RA rating agency gave the Tyumen Oblast the investment rating 3B1: reduced potential - moderate risk.



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