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The main economic potential of the industrial complex is concentrated in Tyumen and the Tyumen district, also in towns of Tobolsk, Ishim, and Yalutorovsk, and the Uvatsk and the Zavodoukovsk districts.

The 2008 production index was 110.8% on average. The positive dynamic has been achieved due to the high growth rates in the processing industries (118.4%)
Amongst the main product types in 2008 the notable growth was demonstrated by the production of beer (4 times), canned meats (+56%), oil and gas processing equipment (+36%), pasta (+26%), diesel fuel (+24%), oil hydroskimming (+22%), full fat dairy products (+19%), confectionery (+13%), oilfield, drilling, and exploration equipment and parts (+12%).

Chemical and petrochemical companies produce butadiene, synthetic resins, plastics, polyethylene pipes, plastic sheeting. The Tyumen Oblast produces almost a third of Russian domestic liquefied gas. In the north of the region there is a well developed complex for the production of motor fuel, there are motor oil miniplants producing lubricants for the local market. A priority of the current stage of the regional economic development is the advanced processing of hydrocarbons.


  The largest Russian oil refinery combine is situated in Tobolsk. This combine includes several large production facilities processing oil and gas.tyumen_obl_oil


There is a well developed machine building complex which is oriented primarily to serve the needs of the largest oil and gas companies. The following machine building industry products are in big demand: oilfield, drilling, exploration, and refinery equipment, tractor trailers, wood processing machines, concrete mixers, batteries and automation components, medical equipment and parts, medical needles and disposable syringes.
The Tyumen Machine Building Factory is the patriarch of all Siberian machine building. This plant has a foundry operation which is the only one in the region.

In the industry of construction materials we have the production of precast concrete constructions and parts, parts for the pre-cast large-panel building sector, bricks, wall elements, environmentally sound insulation materials, ceramic roofing and decorative tiles.

Timber and timber processing industries play а key role in the development of the Oblast. There is a broad range of products made here - furniture, chipboard, plywood, prefab timber houses, heat insulation, decorative and other materials, and components made of wood.


Timber processing companies produced 1.78 billon roubles worth of products in 2008. 


The light industry produces wool fabrics, yarn, fur items, fishing nets, footwear, and garments. The food industry companies produce a broad range of meat, fish, and dairy products, bread, bakery, and confectionary products, preserves, and other products.


  The light industry leader - the Tyumen Textile Corporation Krosno - supplies the market with more than 83% of Russian wool fabrics exported to Europe and America.tyumen_obl_textile


The agricultural complex of the Tyumen Oblast includes 410 agricultural companies, 26 food and food processing companies, and 6 flower and grain milling and animal feed companies.
The majority of products made in the south of the Tyumen Oblast is either consumed within the region or shipped to the northern regions of KhMAO-Ugra and YaNAO.
The total value of agricultural products made by companies of all categories is estimated at 42.5 billion roubles which is 3.6% higher than the corresponding figure for the previous year.
The Tyumen district is the main producer and supplier of milk, eggs, vegetables, potatoes, and poultry meat to the shops of the Oblast. The OAO Tyumen Broiler situated in the Tyumen district is one of the largest battery farms in Russia. The largest explored reserves of the Oblast's high salt content mineral waters are also concentrated in this district.

Power companies satisfy the electric energy needs of the Oblast entirely.


International economic activities

In 2008 the foreign trade turnover of the Tyumen Oblast exceeded 1.1 billion US dollars which is 40% higher than the figure for 2007.
The exports accounted for $682 million, having increased by 25%. Imports increased by 75% and amounted to $419.7 million.




The main proportion of the imports is taken by machines and equipment.

The following countries took the lead in foreign trade transactions in 2008 - Italy - $185.57 million, Turkey - $124.33 million, Finland - $118.96 million, Kazakhstan - $115.68 million, Poland - $107.07 million, Hungary - $60.95 million, the Netherlands - 56.64 million, Germany - 53.64 million, China - 49.56 million, Ukraine - 46.13 million, Lithuania - 42.22 million.



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