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Nadym is one of the most beautiful towns of the Extreme North. The town has been awarded the title "The Most Comfortable Town of Russia" amongst small towns.
The population of the town is 48 thousand people.

This town is one of the gas centres of the country now: more than 11% of the Russian gas is produced here.


Historical reference

The earliest chronicle reference to Nadym is dated 1146. This was a place for hunting, fishing, and trade. In the second half of XIX century for the reasons unknown the town was abandoned, now historians call that place Nadymskoye Gorodishche (Nadym Settlement).
The new settlement with the old name appeared some tens of kilometres away. This happened at the time of the discovery of the Medvezhye gas field in 1968. In 1972 Nadym has been granted the status of town.


 Nadym_Dyachenko  Leonid Dyachenko, the Mayor of Nadym  



Gas and oil production and transportation companies "Gazprom dobycha Nadym" and "RITEK-Nadymneft" are the cornerstone of the local economy. They produce up to 96% of the total industrial output.
The construction complex of Nadym is the second most significant industry. This includes about 20 companies and organisations. Nadym developers work not only in Nadym but in other regions of Russia as well.
The social and economic situation of the town is stable. Nadym has been recognised as the best small town in the Urals Federal District in terms of the economic indicators growth rate.

Today the construction and development in Nadym is an ongoing process. The most promising sphere for investment is the energy sector. This is the sphere where we see large scale projects implemented. For instance a new 200 MW natural gas turbine power plant is being constructed here. It is planned to put it into operation in 2011.
Nadym is connected to other cities of the Yamal District and all Russia by the three modes of transport - air, water, and railway. The Nadym airport is a modern multi-purpose venture. The runway is capable of landing almost any type of aircraft including Ilyushin-86 and Airbus A320-200 jetliners. The flight time to Moscow is 3 hours 20 minutes.




Culture & Education

The present day Nadym is a town that has a unique architectural image and well-developed infrastructure. The town has a complete set of cultural and sports sites; there are 9 comprehensive schools, one grammar school, a college, and two art schools here.
The higher education system is represented by six branches of various Russian higher education establishments. Scientific Research Institute on Medical Problems of the Extreme North of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences is working productively here.



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