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Novy Urengoy

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Novy Urengoy is sometimes referred to as the unofficial gas capital of Russia. This is the largest city of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. It is located on the river Yevo-Yakh only 60 km south of the Polar circle.

Population: 118,000 people.


Historical reference

Novy Urengoy is a very young town. It was only in 1980 that it has received the administrative status of a town, prior to that it was just a small community where most of the residents were the gas field operators and construction workers. The development of the world's largest gas fields of Urengoy started in 1966.


 urengoi_kostogriz Mayor Ivan Kostogriz 



Novy Urengoy today ranks one of the first in the Russian Federation in terms of gross product per capita, capital investment volume, tax revenue, and average income. All major companies of the city are the subsidiaries of the Gazprom corporation. 74% of the Russian natural gas is produced in the vicinity of the city.
The jewel of the Group is YamburgGazDobycha contributing over 40% of the total production of Gazprom and about 40% of the national gas production. YamburgGazDobycha has control over 15% of all explored gas reserves of the RF. According to scientific estimates the Urengoy region has a long-term potential to maintain the leading positions in the Russian gas production industry. The expert projections for 2012 in terms of the regional annual production volumes are 400 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 7-10 million tons of oil.

Novy Urengoy is an important gas transportation hub: it is the starting point of the powerful multi-thread gas streams some of which flow to Europe. Railways connect Novy Urengoy to other regions of the country. Local airport is capable of landing many types of aircraft, including the Ilyushin 86 liners.
Water transport takes care of the local cargo and passenger transportation within the vicinity of nearby rivers.



Culture & Education

Novy Urengoy today is the regional centre with a developed social infrastructure.
It has two Museums - of Fine Arts and of History of the UrengoyGazprom company which gave start to the construction of the city.
A lot of attention is paid to sports, fitness, and the healthy way of life, which is extremely important in the severe northern climate. The city has branches of seven Russian higher education establishments with 4 thousand students studying there.


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