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Ishim is the administrative centre of the Ishim district of the Tyumen Oblast.
Total population: 64,000 people.
Ishim is the largest municipality of a large agricultural area that specializes in raising beef and dairy cattle and growing cereals.


Historical reference

The history of the town goes back to the XVII century. The first settlement in the territory was the Korkina Sloboda (burg) - a fortress on the then border between the Russian Empire and the Siberian Khanate. After the mass migration of farmers from the European part of the country to the region, in 1782 Catherine the Great of Russia granted Korkina Sloboda the town status and ordered that it be renamed Ishim. The town owes its name to the river Ishim it stands on.
In the ХVIII - ХIХ centuries Ishim became the centre of a large agricultural province. The major source of income for the municipality was the winter fair Nikolskaya that attracted merchants from across Europe and Asia.


  Mayor Fedor Shishkin  



The city's industrial potential of today is defined by companies of the engineering, the construction, and the light and food industry sectors. The most significant share of the total production output (up to 70%) falls to the food industry which includes the industry of flour and cereals.

The food and food processing companies produce a vast range of dairy and confectionery products, spirits and beverages, meat products and sausages. High quality food products meet both the local demand of the district and the demand of other regions of Russia.
The engineering companies are making tractor and automotive trailers, oil and gas industry equipment, high pressure pipes and hoses, and spare parts for agricultural machinery.
The light industry offers an impressive variety of work clothes, children's shoes, and protective work footwear, including special footwear for cold climate.
In 2008 the volume of locally manufactured goods shipped, works completed and services provided by processing companies of this city amounted to 3.4 billion roubles.

The 2008 retail turnover was 4.5 billion roubles. Compared to 2007, the growth rate was 14.6%.
Capital investments for the nine months of 2008 (January to September) amounted to 518 million roubles.


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Culture & Education

In 1990 Ishim was added to the list of historical communities.
The Epiphany Cathedral built in 1784 - 1793 in the Siberian Baroque style is a recognised architectural landmark of nationwide significance. The Sinitsynsky Bor (pine forest) is a location of outstanding natural beauty of nationwide significance. Several kilometres away from this place archaeologists discovered the burial ground of the ancient Andronov culture and the Early Iron Age Sargat settlement (the archaeological name of the monument is "Lastochkino Gnezdo" - Swallow's Nest). A Mesolithic camp of the ancient people was found not far from Ishim on Megren lake; the site received an endearing diminutive name "Katenka".

The academic community of the city includes the Ishim State Pedagogical Institute, a branch of the Tyumen Oil and Gas University, and five other branches of major universities of Tyumen and Omsk. In addition, the vocational training services are provided by two lyceums and two technical schools, as well as the agricultural and medical colleges.


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