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Tyumen is the administrative centre of the Tyumen Oblast.
The city is located in Western Siberia on the river Tura - a tributary of Tobol.
The distance to Moscow is 2,144 kilometres.  Population: 588 thousand people.


Historical reference

Tyumen is the first Russian city in Siberia. Founded in 1586 as a fortress, by the XVII century it had become an important town on the trade route to the Central Asia, Persia, and China, and a centre of leather goods industry, handicrafts, and agriculture.
During the years of the World War II the industrial potential of the city has grown considerably as many plants and factories were evacuated here from the European part of the USSR.
The discovery of oil and gas fields in the north of Western Siberia has marked a new period in the history of Tyumen.


moor_01City manager - Aleksandr Moor  



The 2008 industrial production index of Tyumen was 103.4%.
A growth was registered in the production of food, petroleum products, machines and equipment, transport vehicles, and chemicals.
The volume of locally manufactured goods shipped, works completed, and services provided in 2008 amounted to 50.4 billion roubles. The retail sales volume was over 132.7 billion roubles. Capital investments from January to September of 2008 amounted to 23.7 billion roubles.

The industry of the city specializes in oilfield services.  The city’s status of the powerhouse oilfield service centre is further strengthened by the presence of the leading global suppliers in the industry - Schlumberger, Halliburton, OMB, KCA DEUTAG, and Bentek.
The further development of this sector will also be enhanced by the construction of a technology park - the West-Siberian Oil & Gas Innovation Centre.
Another big construction project - a scrap processing plant - is currently underway.
There are several dozens research and design institutes in the city.




Culture and Education

Tyumen is a place of historical monuments: Tsaryovo Gorodishche (Tsar’s Settlement) with a Tatar fortress, a rampart, and a moat; the architectural ensemble of the Trinity Monastery founded in 1616; he old houses of Tyumen of the turn of the XIX-XX century.
The people Tyumen are proud of their theatres: the Drama and Comedy Theatre, the Puppet and Mask Theatre, “The Engagement”and others. The Tyumen Philharmonic Hall ranks among the best in Russia.  The art schools, museums, exhibition halls, and libraries make a significant contribution to the city’s cultural development.
There are ten stadiums and seven Olympic reserve training centres in the city.
Higher education is provided by the Tyumen State University, the Tyumen Oil and Gas University, a branch of Moscow Military Engineering University and others. 110,000 students are taught in the five largest universities annually.



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